2018 NDHSAA State Class B Speech Tournament Results

May 1, 2018 4:00 pm

The 66th Annual NDHSAA sponsored State Class B Speech Tournament was held at Mandan High School on Saturday, April 28, 2018. All participants qualified from one of ten regional tournaments or at an invitational tournament held during the season.

Enderlin/Maple Valley took first place with 97points; Richardton-Taylor was awarded second with 83 points; Harvey/Wells County was third with 53 points; Hazen was fourth with 23 points; Shiloh Christian was fifth with 22 points; and Central Cass, Carrington, Dickinson Trinity/New England, and Stanley/Powers Lake were tied for sixth with 21 points.

The Class B Coach of the Year was Susan Anderson, Richardton-Taylor.       

The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st- Alexa Zinke, Enderin/Maple Valley; 2nd-Cole Carazzo, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd- Emily Belland, Bowman County; 4th- Daniel Coffinet-Crean, Minto; 5th-Alex Bly, Burke Central; 6th-Laurana Lynds, Enderin/Maple Valley; 7th- Anya Baranko, Richardton-Taylor; 8th-Destiny Stedman, Carrington.

Radio Broadcasting:  1st- Benjermin Bohn, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd-Travis Dean, Stanley/Powers Lake; 3rd- Savanna Friedt, Carrington; 4th- Matthew Naumann, Richardton-Taylor; 5th-Ethan Bakken, Burke Central; 6th-Eve Heupel, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 7th-Sandra Larson, New Rockford-Sheyenne; 8th-Cassidy Fraedrich, Enderin/Maple Valley.

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading: 1st-Katelyn Voeller, Harvey/Wells County; 2nd-Olivia Gronos, Watford City; 3rd-Katie Kempel, Central Cass; 4th- Alaina Olson, Harvey/Wells County; 5th- Kylee Cline, Beulah; 6th- Andrea Buechler, Harvey/Wells County; 7th-Elizabeth Schlecht, Kindred; 8th-Rebekah Frohlich, Shiloh Christian.

Storytelling: 1st-Hunter Berntson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd- William Egan, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd-Isaiah Jilek, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 4th-Landon Pavlish, South Heart; 5th-Rylan Myron, Hatton/Northwood; 6th-Alaina Olson, Harvey/Wells County; 7th-Aimee Wiedrich, Hazen; 8th- Kate Heidlebaugh, Rugby.

Serious Duo:  1st-Shelby Floberg/Josie Wicks, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd- William Egan/Zane Gruba, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd-Cecelia Pfliger/Olivia Byerley, Hazen; 4th-Izabella Garcia/Katie Kempel, Central Cass; 5th-Amber Messer/Autumn Martin-Geerts, Mott/Regent; 6th-Keith Braddock II/Hannah Erie, Stanley/Powers Lake; 7th-Cecilia Odden/Bethany Oden, Rolette; 8th-Kristian Ketchum/Michelle Rivera, Nedrose.

Poetry:  1st-Amber Messer, Mott/Regent; 2nd- Andrea Buechler, Harvey/Wells County; 3rd-Timothy Johnson, New Salem-Almont; 4th-Cecelia Pfliger, Hazen; 5th- Alexis Odermann, Lisbon; 6th-Halle Sanders, Langdon Area; 7th- Jaden Gray, New Rockford-Sheyenne; 8th-Trinity Weber, LaMoure.

Dramatic Interpretation:  1st- Josie Wicks, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd- Eric Romero, Milnor; 3rd-Eric Bergeman, Sargent Central; 4th-Dominic Ott, Hatton/Northwood; 5th- Braeden Knutson, Central Cass; 6th- Caedon Pederson, Carrington; 7th – Alaina Droog, Grafton; 8th- Olivia Gronos, Watford City.

Inform:  1st-Nicolle Peterson, Enderlin/Maple Valley ; 2nd-Stephanie Jorritsma, Shiloh Christian; 3rd-Twyla Gross, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 4th-Sarah Diem, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 5th-Alexandra Klein, Rugby; 6th-Billie Lentz, Rolla; 7th- Emma Honeyman, Mott/Regent; 8th-Destiny Stedman, Carrington.

Humorous Interpretation:  1st-Shelby Floberg, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd-Connor Grenier, Rolette; 3rd-Braeden Knutson, Central Cass; 4th-Eric Romero, Milnor; 5th- Mason Rose, Carrington; 6th- Cassandra Perman, Garrison; 7th-Joshua Seibel, Harvey/Wells County; 8th-Joshua Sunstrom, Grafton.

Humorous Duo:  1st-Faith Christensen/Brooke Christensen, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd- Keith Braddock II/Remington Nohr, Stanley/Powers Lake; 3rd-Robert Bartz/William Bartz, Richardton-Taylor; 4th- Dalton Schnabel/Heather Ukaonu, Kulm; 5th-Syana Day/Kadin Visocsky, Surrey; 6th-Addison Harms/Hannah Frohlich, Shiloh Christian; 7th- Savanna Friedt/Caedon Pederson, Carrington; 8th-Shelby Kanski/Landon Pavlish, South Heart.

Serious Prose:  1st- Faith Christensen, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd- Luke Hurt, South Heart; 3rd- Alaina Droog, Grafton; 4th-Sydney Lunde, Kindred; 5th-Elle Goetz, Richardton-Taylor; 6th- Devany Stutlien, Harvey/Wells County; 7th-Carissa Stroh, North Sargent; 8th-Adelyn Emter, Dickinson Trinity/New England.

Speech to Persuade:  1st- Laurana Lynds, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd- Anya Baranko, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd- Annika Towe, Harvey/Wells County; 4th-Hunter Berntson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th-Genesis Paul, Hazen; 6th-Elizabeth Schlecht, Kindred; 7th- Travis Dean, Stanley/Powers Lake; 8th-Zachary Crawford, Grafton.

Impromptu:  1st- Galilee Mengesha, Shiloh Christian; 2nd- Billie Lentz, Rolla; 3rd-Sameena Knopik, Hazen; 4th- Cassie Faul, Harvey/Wells County; 5th-Tara Dahl, Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock; 6th-Alexa Zinke, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 7th-Kaylee Weninger, Carrington; 8th-Tobias Zikmund, Park River Area.

Speech to Entertain: 1st-Eden Bartz, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd- Joshua Seibel, Harvey/Wells County; 3rd- Luke Hurt, South Heart; 4th- Isaiah Jilek, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 5th-Rex Keltner, Beulah; 6th-Madison Bartholomay, Enderlin/Maple Valley ; 7th-Laurie Struxness, Carrington; 8th-Reilly Meyer, Dickinson Trinity/New England.