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The State Fastpitch Softball Tournament will be held at Dickinson’s Gress Complex, May 28, 29, and 30, with Guy Fridley  as manager. If inclement weather prevails, the tournament manager shall postpone the tournament as necessary. Tournament games will begin Thursday with the first game at 12:00 noon and the second game 35 minutes after previous game. The 3rd game begins at 4:30 pm with game 4 following 35 minutes afterwards.

In the A Division, the “home team” or nearest team to the tournament site will play the last game of the state tournament’s first round. If there are multiple teams from the tournament site, the highest seed will be the “home team”. The pairings will remain the same, but game times will be adjusted.

2015 State Tournament Brackets:

Click HERE for State A Softball Bracket  -  Click HERE for State B Softball Bracket

Thursday May 28:
B Division (Field 1):
Game 1B 12:00 - #1 East Kindred-Richland vs #4 West Watford City
Game 2B 35 min after - #2 West Westhope/Newburg/Bottineau vs #3 East Grafton
Game 3B 4:30 - #1 West Stanley vs #4 East Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount
Game 4B 35 min after - #2 East Central Cass vs #3 West Kenmare-Bowbells-MLS

A Division (Field 3):
Game 1A 12:00 - #1 East West Fargo vs #4 West Bismarck Century
Game 2A 35 min after - #2 West Bishop Ryan vs #3 East Shanley
Game 3A 4:30 - #1 West Valley City vs #4 East Jamestown
Game 4A 35 min after - #2 East Dickinson vs #3 West Grand Forks Central

Friday May 29:
Consolation Bracket (Field 1):
Game 5A (A – Semi) 12:00 – Loser Game 1A vs Loser Game 2A
Game 6A (A – Semi) 35 min after – Loser Game 3A vs Loser Game 4A
Game 7B (B – Semi) 4:30 – Loser Game 1B vs Loser Game 2B
Game 8B (B – Semi) 35 min after – Loser Game 3B vs Loser Game 4B

Championship Bracket (Field 3):
Game 5B (B – Semi) 12:00 – Winner Game 1B vs Winner Game 2B
Game 6B (B – Semi) 35 min after – Winner Game 3B vs Winner Game 4B
Game 7A (A – Semi) 4:30 – Winner Game 1A vs Winner Game 2A
Game 8A (A – Semi) 35 min after – Winner Game 3A vs Winner Game 4A

Saturday May 30:
Consolation Bracket (Field 1):
Game 9B (B – 7th Place) 10:00 – Loser Game 7B vs Loser Game 8B
Game 9A (A – 7th Place) 35 min after – Loser Game 5A vs Loser Game 6A
Game 10 B (B – 5th Place) 35 min after – Winner Game 7B vs Winner Game 8B
Game 10 A (A – 5th Place) 35 min after – Winner Game 5A vs Winner Game 6A

Championship Bracket (Field 3):
Game 11B (B – 3rd Place) 10:30 – Loser Game 5B vs Loser Game 6B
Game 11A (A – 3rd Place) 35 min after – Loser Game 7A vs Loser Game 8A
Game 12B (B – 1st Place) 3:30 – Winner Game 5B vs Winner Game 6B
Game 12A (A – 1st Place) 35 min after – Winner Game 7A vs Winner Game 8A

Admission Tournament Daily
Adult $20.00   $8.00
Student $10.00 $5.00

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