Student Congress Tournament Information

The 2016 State Student Congress was held at the Bismarck State Capitol, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., November 3-4, 2016. Sue Anderson, Richardton-Taylor, as the Contest Manager.

Results are below:

The 54th Annual NDHSAA State Student Congress was held at the Capitol in Bismarck and Mandan Baymont Inn November 3 & 4.

Team Totals
1st – Richardton-Taylor 167; 2nd – Fargo Davies 136; 3rd – Dickinson 104; 4th – West Fargo 95; 5th – Valley City 94.

Elected by peers as the 2017 Student Congress Coach of the Year was Denise Raeder-Johnson of Fargo Davies.

NOTE: There were multiple ties in the Senate and House competitions.

2016 Presiding Officers
Senate – Rachel Andrus, Dickinson
House I – Juliet Geffre, Shanley/Oak Grove
House II – Dyuti Dawn, Fargo Davies
House III – Josie Wicks, Richardton-Taylor
House IV – Shelby Floberg, Richardton-Taylor
House V – Eden Bartz, Richardton-Taylor
House VI – Hanson Chen, Fargo Davies

1st – Isaac Spanjer, Fargo North; 1st – Elizabeth Yoder, Dickinson; 3rd – Cole Carazzo, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd – Arcilla Davis, Richardton-Taylor; 5th – Rylee Lindemann, Fargo Davies; 6th – Raef Rahman, West Fargo; 7th – Gracie Lian, Grand Forks Red River; 7th – Marlen (Mikey) Meester, Valley City.

1st – Jeremy Parker (Kilgore), Dickinson; 1st - Gurturan Johal, Shanley/Oak Grove; 1st – Maggie Oberlander, Valley City; 1st – Abby Slyter, Valley City; 5th – Hunter P Cowdrey, West Fargo; 6th – Sanggu Lee, Fargo Davies; 6th – Quinton Vonesh, West Fargo; 8th – Casey Beck, Mandan.

1st – Saipriya Potluri, West Fargo; 2nd – Ishika Gupta, Fargo Davies; 3rd – Kyler Smith, Dickinson; 4th – Aicha Doume, Fargo South; 5th – Benjermin Bohn, Richardton-Taylor; 6th – Sophie Lind, Mandan; 6th – Kellee Martin, Richardton-Taylor; 8th – Jacob Smith, Fargo North; 8th – Rose Marcellus, Valley City.

1st – Dhruvika Patel, West Fargo Sheyenne; 2nd – Devyn Halvorson, Devils Lake; 3rd – Lasya Anand, West Fargo; 4th – Madisyn Kramer, Devils Lake; 4th – Rebecca Axtmann, Richardton-Taylor;  4th – Brandon Prichard, St. Mary’s; 7th – Madison Barndt, Dickinson; 8th – Destiny Stedman, Carrington; 8th – Juliet Sampson, Fargo Davies; 8th – Bonnie Thompson, Dickinson; 8th – Jialin Long, Fargo North; 8th – Katelyn Boese, Grand Forks Red River; 8th – Pamela Wilkes, Richardton-Taylor; 8th – Zaynab Said, West Fargo Sheyenne; 8th – Laila Kantarevic, Fargo South; 8th – Alexander Hettwer, West Fargo.

House IV
1st – Preeti Chemiti, West Fargo Sheyenne; 2nd – Elle Goetz, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd – Sharon Michael, Valley City; 4th – Kathryn Brevik, Belfield; 5th – Owen Anderson, Fargo South; 6th – Forrest Weintraub, Fargo Davies; 7th – Olivia Thomas, Fargo Davies; 8th – Hairuo Yi, Fargo North.

1st – Reece Biel, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd – Jennifer Chao, Fargo Davies; 2nd – Taranatee Khan, Fargo South;  4th  – Mason Winkelman, Shanley/Oak Grove;  4th  – Alexa Uecker, Valley City; 6th – Gabrielle Mcgarvey, Fargo South; 7th – Junting Shen, Fargo Davies; 8th – Makayla Nehlich, Valley City.

1st – Marren Norberg, West Fargo Sheyenne; 2nd – Sunjeev Shaik, Fargo Davies; 2nd – Adeline Robbins, Richardton-Taylor;  4th – Madeline Robinson, Fargo South; 5th – Suleka Abdi, West Fargo; 6th – Claire Bailly, Shanley/Oak Grove; 7th – Whitney Tiegs, Dickinson; 8th – Anika Arifin, Fargo North; 8th – Kiah Bjerken, Richardton-Taylor; 8th – Jalyn Bauer, West Fargo Sheyenne; 8th – Luke Plagens, Valley City.

Previous Champions

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