Girls Swimming and Diving Tournament Information

The 2013 Girls’ Swimming & Diving State Meet will be held in Grand Forks November 15-16, Mark Rerick , Manager.

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The 2013 Girls’ Swimming & Diving State Meet will be held in Grand Forks, at the Hyslop Sports Center (2751 2nd Ave N) November 15-16, Mark Rerick, Manager.

The above times must have been achieved in a sanctioned swim meet during the current season. These times are 105% of the average of the fastest 20th place times from the three previous State Meets. Consideration times will no longer be used. The lead-off swimmer of each relay shall be eligible to qualify for state in that particular stroke and distance. Times from this event will not stand as a pool record, conference record or a state record.

A competitor shall be permitted to enter a maximum of four events, no more than two of which shall be individual events. Being designated as a member of a relay team does not count as an entry unless the swimmer actually competes in a relay event.

Heats will be drawn as prescribed in the current National Federation Swimming and Diving Rules Book in Rule 5 of Section 3 by using the swimmer’s best time as reported during the season.

Diving: Diving will be conducted in accordance with Rule 9. Divers shall qualify for the state with a total of 275 points in eleven dives. This scoring must be during a regular season meet with a minimum of three judges scoring. In the event that there are less than 32 qualified divers, consideration divers will be added to fill the field of 32, using the 250 point-11 dive and 150 point-6 dive consideration divers in that order.

It is the responsibility of the coach to see that no competitor is entered in more than two individual events and that each athlete’s full name, grade and seed time appears on the entry list.

The entry form is to be electronically commlinked using the HyTek program to the NDHSAA office (sue.carlsrud@sendit.nodak. edu) in Valley City, no later than 5:00 pm on Sunday November 10, prior to the state meet. DO NOT FAX OR SEND ENTRY THROUGH THE MAIL. SWIMMING AND DIVING ENTRIES SUBMITTED LATE WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY IF ACCOMPANIED WITH A $25 LATE ENTRY FEE. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER SUNDAY AT 7:00 pm PRIOR TO THE STATE MEET. THESE ENTRIES ARE FINAL. Diving sheets must be e-mailed as an attachment. Following the deadline for state entries, the first communication with coaches is sending a PDF of their individual entries rather than total entries.

There will be a scratch meeting at 11:00 a.m. Friday, of the state meet and at 11:45 a.m. Saturday, of the state meet. No changes or additional entries are allowed at this time.

Diving Entry Sheets: Double check the previously submitted diving sheets and return to the Diving Referee, before the deadline of 11:15 a.m. Friday, of the state meet. Changes shall be permitted until the specified time on Friday, prior to the start of the diving competition. Correction of errors noted by the diving referee shall be permitted until the start of the diving competition. Interscholastic Championships (Rule 9: Section 3, Article 4):

Number of Contestants: 1-32

Preliminaries: Any two required and three optional

Semi-Finals: Two required and one optional

Finals: One required and two optional

The 20 highest scoring divers through the prelims qualify for the semi-finals.

The 16 highest scoring divers through the semi-finals qualify for the finals.

NOTE: When there are more than 32 contestants, the first 3 dives listed on the written description for preliminaries shall be performed to reduce the field to 32.

Eight lanes are to be used for preliminaries in the State Meet.

Electronic timing with touch pads and horn start will be used, along with a back-up timing system.

For safety purposes, the following will be enforced concerning activity at the conclusion of the State Meet:

A. The pool will be cleared immediately following the 400 yard freestyle relay.

B. The entire pool area will be cleared of all swimmers and spectators immediately following the awards ceremony.

Three team trophies and eight individual plaques for each event will be awarded (except relays in which only the first, second, third and fourth place teams will receive individual plaques and places 5 through 8 will receive ribbons). Places 9 through 16 in each individual event will receive ribbons. Competing members of the first and second place teams will receive individual team plaques.

Admission: (Prices include facility fees)
1 Day Tournament Ticket
Adults - $11.00, Students - $6.00

2 Day Tournament Ticket
Adult - $20.00, Student - $10.00

NOTE: No reserved seats.

2013 State Girls’ Swimming & Diving Schedule

11:00 AM - Coaches Meeting
11:00 AM - Diving Warm-Ups Begin
11:15 AM - Diving Sheets Due 12:30 PM - Diving Preliminaries 2:15 PM - Swim Warm-Ups Begin 3:15 PM - Clear Pool
3:30 PM - Parade of Athletes
- Swimming prelims following Parade of Athletes

9:30 AM - Diving warm-ups
10:30 AM - Diving semi-finals
11:45 AM - Coaches and Officials Meeting
12:15 PM -Swimming warm-ups
1:15 PM - Clear pool
1:30 PM - Parade of Athletes - All Finals

Note: There will be a 5 minute break immediately following the Medley Relay

The meet finals will operate under the current National Federation Swimming and Diving Rules

Order of events: Rule 5, Section 1, Article 1.

Finals: Eight contestants will qualify for the finals and eight contestants will qualify for the consolation finals in individual swimming events. The twenty highest scoring divers through the preliminaries advance to the semi-final round. (Rule 9-4-3). The sixteen highest scoring divers, through the semi-finals will advance to the final round (Rule 9-4-4). There will be no pre- liminaries for relays. Finals will be seeded by their regular season time and will be held on Saturday.

Scoring for finals:

Individual events (16 places): 20-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Relay Events: 40-34-32-30-28-26-24-22-18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2.

Each team shall be permitted a maximum of four entries in an individual event. Qualifying times are mandatory, using 105% of the 20th place cumulative time from the three previous State Meets. The following 2013 standards are:

200 Free                2:12.45
200 IM                    2:34.26
50 Free                   28.08
100 Fly                   1:10.67
100 Free                1:01.85
500 Free                6:02.15
100 Back               1:10.11
100 Breast           1:19.93

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Updated 11/12/2013