Champions - Boys' Golf

1938 Minot Grand Forks
1940 Grand Forks Grand Forks
1941 Grand Forks  
1942 Valley City Valley City
1943   Jamestown
1944 Grand Forks Bismarck
1945 Grand Forks Bismarck
1946 Grand Forks Bismarck
1947 Lisbon Lisbon
1948 Lisbon Lisbon
1949 Lisbon Lisbon
1950 Lisbon Valley City
1951 Valley City Valley City
1952 Bismarck Valley City
1953 Minot Bismarck
1954 Bismarck Bismarck
1955 Bismarck Bismarck
1956 Bismarck Grand Forks
1957 Bismarck Grand Forks
1958 Grand Forks Bismarck
1959 Grand Forks Grand Forks
1960 Fargo Fargo
1961 Grand Forks North Central (Rogers)
1962 Grand Forks Grand Forks
1963 Grand Forks Grand Forks
  First Place Medalist
1964 Grand Forks Robert Werre, Fargo
1965 Grand Forks Chuck Ault,  Grand Forks
1966 Fargo North Jim Werre, Fargo Central
1967 Fargo Central Elliot Stern, Fargo Central
1968 Fargo South Bob Richardson, Minot
1969 Fargo South John Dahl, Fargo North
1970 Fargo South Brad Schmierer, Fargo South
1971 Fargo North Brad Schmierer, Fargo South
1972 Grand Forks Central Mike Barge, Fargo South
1973 Fargo South John McEnroe, Grand Forks Central
1974 Fargo South Mike Geatz, GF Red River
1975 Grand Forks Red River Dave Brown, Fargo South
1976 Minot Magic City Campus Marty Berg, Wahpeton
1977 Grand Forks Red River Rick Visina, Minot Bishop Ryan
1978 Bismarck Century Eric Jensen, Bismarck Century
1979 Bismarck Jim Kelsch, Bismarck
1980 Fargo South Mike Kingsrud, Fargo North
1981 Grand Forks Red River Mike Kingsrud, Fargo North
1982 Grand Forks Red River Mike McKay, GF Central (won in playoff)
1983 Bismarck Rudy Zupetz, Minot
1984 Bismarck Pat Moore, Minot Bishop Ryan
1985 Bismarck Gary Kaiser, Fargo North
1986 Grand Forks Red River John Novick, GF Central
1987 Minot Bishop Ryan Pat Moore, Minot Bishop Ryan
1988 Bismarck Matt Mayer,  Fargo Shanley (won in playoff)
1989 Minot Jeff Herberger, GF Red River
1990 Grand Forks Red River Chad Skarperud, GF Red River (won in playoff)
1991 Fargo North Seth Raulston, Bismarck
1992 Bismarck Tucker Whitford, Fargo South (won in playoff)
1993 Bismarck Seth Raulston, Bismarck
1994 Grand Forks Red River Shane McMenamy, GF Red River
1995 Grand Forks Red River Ben Webster, Jamestown (won in playoff)
1996 Grand Forks Red River Shane McMenamy, GF Red River
1997 Fargo South Andy Doeden, Fargo Shanley
1998 Fargo Shanley Andy Doeden, Fargo Shanley
1999 Fargo South Dave Schultz, Fargo South
2000 Fargo South Brandon Askew, Fargo South
2001 Fargo South Josh Persons, Fargo North
2002 Fargo South James Niles, Fargo South
2003 Minot Parker Dire, Bismarck Century
2004 Fargo South Tyler Bakke, Minot
2005 Fargo South Matt Rubis, Fargo South
2006 Fargo South Ben Freeman, Fargo South
2007 Fargo South Ben Freeman, Fargo South
2008 Fargo South Kavin Dvorak, Century
2009 Fargo South Kyle Jandro, Fargo South
2010 Fargo South Cory Papachek, Fargo South
2011 Shanley Trent Olson, Shanley
2012 West Fargo Riley Johnson, West Fargo
2013 Bismarck Century Jake Deforest, Bismarck St. Mary's
2014 Shanley Riley Johnson, West Fargo
2015 West Fargo Sam Hendricks, Fargo Davies
2016 Shanley Cody Reynolds, Minot
2017 Grand Forks Red River Justin Nelson, Wahpeton
  FIRST PLACE Medalist
1978 Cooperstown Bob Ulland, Lisbon
1979 Park River Rocky Papacheck, Cando
1980 Park River Lowell Pederson, Tioga
1981 Park River Don Garnaas, Park River
1982 Park River Bob Fossum, Cooperstown (won in playoff)
1983 Park River Ryan Radermacher, Central Cass (Casselton)
1984 Larimore Doug Stetz, Cooperstown
1985 Mayville-Portland Scott Midgarden, Park River
1986 Mayville-Portland Scott Gillispie, Larimore
1987 Langdon Scott Iserman Lisbon
1988 Langdon David Schneider, Langdon
1989 Park River Darren Sheldon, Park River
1990 Park River Scott Iserman, Lisbon
1991 Park River Eric Ruud, Mohall
1992 Mayville-Portland Ryan Solseng, Park River
1993 Minot Bishop Ryan Jim Bachmeier, Minot Bishop Ryan
1994 Grafton Greg Melhus, Mayville-Portland CG
1995 Minot Bishop Ryan Steve Sedler, Griggs County Central
1996 Minot Ryan Jayme Gronneberg, Griggs County Central
1997 Griggs County Central Jayme Gronneberg, Griggs County Central
1998 Beulah Randy Rakowski, Mayville-Portland CG
1999 Minot Ryan Gabe Allen, Dickinson Trinity
2000 Minot Ryan Jason Merch, Minot Ryan
2001 Bottineau Casey Nelson, Kindred
2002 May-Port CG Craig Nelson, May Port CG
2003 Fargo Oak Grove Kyle Vandevoort, Fargo Oak Grove
2004 Griggs County Central Justin Jenkins, Milnor
2005 Fargo Oak Grove Travis Alkire, Standing Rock (Fort Yates)
2006 Fargo Oak Grove Justin Jenkins, Fargo Oak Grove
2007 Fargo Oak Grove Garrett Schultz, New Salem
2008 Hazen Conor Borud, Hazen
2009 Hazen Chad Marshall, Hazen
2010 Valley City Nick Jenson, Valley City
2011 Kindred Mike Rustvang, Oak Grove
2012 Kindred David Talley, Kindred
2013 Kindred Nicky Myhre, Northern Lights
2014 Northern Lights (St. John/ Rolla/Rolette/Wolford) Jack McClintock, Rugby
2015 Northern Lights (St. John/ Rolla/Rolette/Wolford) Joey Wagner, Heart River (South Heart/Belfield)
2016 Kindred Jake Preston, Hillsboro/Central Valley
2017 Tioga Mitchell Fifer, Tioga
1995 was the last year to hold Sand Greens
1962 Park River Lisbon
1963 Grand Forks Grand Forks
  FIRST PLACE Medalist
1964 Park River L. Mikelson, New Rockford
1965 New Rockford Roger Silkey, Carrington
1966 Carrington Jim Bauley, Carrington
1967 Mohall Mike Trunta, Mohall
1968 Mohall Charles Ruppert, New Town
1969 Bottineau D. Stempson, Rugby
1970 Rugby Steve Springan, Stanley
1971 Rugby Dwight Stempson, Rugby
1972 Leeds John Suess, Williston
1973 Pembina  -  Leeds  (Tie) David Nissen, Leeds
1974 New Town  -  Rugby  (Tie) Don Nelson, Casselton
1975 Oakes Craig Bauley, Oakes
1976 Oakes Craig Bauley, Oakes
1977 Divide County (Crosby) Mark Overbo, Divide County Crosby (won in playoff)
1978 Michigan Dennis Flom, Michigan
1979 Tioga Dennis Flom, Michigan
1980 Hope Greg McCullough, Hope (won in playoff)
1981 Michigan Greg McCullough, Hope
1982 Milnor John Harkness, Leeds
1983 Hazen Micki Drath, Hazen (won in playoff)
1984 New Salem Kevin Erickson, Kulm
1985 Underwood-Riverdale Charles Kranz, Underwood-Riverdale
1986 Underwood-Riverdale Charles Kranz, Underwood-Riverdale
1987 Underwood Charles Kranz, Underwood
1988 Burke Central Greg Hiller, Glen Ullin (won in playoff)
1989 Divide County (Crosby) Mike LeBeau, Burke Central
1990 Glen Ullin Mike LeBeau, Burke Central
1991 Westhope Mike LeBeau, Burke Central
1992 Flasher Steve Winkler, Elgin-New Leipzig
1993 Flasher Steve Winkler, Elgin-New Leipzig
1994 Leeds Shawn Holmes, Leeds
1995 Sawyer/Velva Leigh Haagenson, Leeds
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