Speech Tournament Information

2015 State Speech Qualifiers


SPEECH - State B April 25, 2015 Mandan Middle School Sue Anderson


 State Class B Speech Schedule (revised 4/22/15 - 8:20 am):  Click HERE (PDF)  - Click HERE (EXCEL)

 State Class A Speech Results

The 2015 and sixty-third annual NDHSAA Sponsored State Class A Speech Tournament was held at Jamestown High School on April 18. All participants qualified from one of two regional tournaments or at an invitational tournament held during the season.

Bismarck St. Mary’s captured first place with 119 points.  Dickinson took second with 73 points, Shanley third with 50 points and Jamestown fourth with 42 points.

Elected by peers as the 2015 State A Speech Coach of the Year was Gayle Hyde of Fargo South.

The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.

Radio Broadcasting: 1st –Marc Michaleson, Dickinson; 2nd –Kaleb Dschaak, Dickinson; 3rd –Chris Riedman; Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th –Stephanie Johnson, Devils Lake; 5th –Reed Johnson, Dickinson; 6th –Anthony Vecchia, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 7th –Jed Thomas, Shanley; 8th – Austin Weigel, Shanley

Storytelling:  1st –Jacob Sherfy, Jamestown; 2nd –John Page, Williston; 3rd –Abigail Moberg, Dickinson; 4th –Brady Letteer, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th –Brandon Christman, Minot ;6th –Rebecca Duncan, West Fargo Sheyenne; 7th –Shawn Harter, Fargo Davies; 8th – Isabel Fernandez-Hernaiz, Bismarck St. Mary’s;9th-Zoey Sours, Fargo South

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading:  1st –Emelie Swonger, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Suzanne Moberg, Dickinson; 3rd –Abby Slyter, Valley City; 4th –Francine Dong, Grand Forks Central; 5th –Amalia Thomas, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 6th –Paige Amann, Dickinson; 7th –Elise Opp, Jamestown; 8th – Jewell Simonson, West Fargo

Humorous Duo: 1st – Lindsey Bertsch/Regaen Zarr, Minot; 2nd –Hunter Carpenter/Jacob Sherfy, Jamestown; 3rd –Sarah Huebschwerlen/Jacob Ehrmantraut, Bismarck High; 4th –Jasmine Swinland/Elexus Quarles, Devils Lake; 5th –Haison Nguygen/Padmanabha Kavasseri, West Fargo; 6th –Molly Estenson/Hunter McKelvey, Devils Lake; 7th – Madelyn Reichert/Alexandra Reichert, Bismarck St. Mary’s;8th-Brittany Benson/Micheala Dale, Grand Forks Central

Dramatic Interpretation:  1st –John Windsor, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Reid Nelson, Shanley; 3rd –Grace Akon, Fargo North;  4th –Melanie Bailey, Devils Lake;  5th –Juliet Wolfe, Grand Forks Central; 6th –Jacob Ehrmantraut, Bismarck High;  7th –Emily Lauinger, Jamestown; 8th – Lindsey Bertsch, Minot; 9th-Abigail Moberg, Dickinson

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st –Neeraj Advani, West Fargo; 2nd –Casey Orvedal, Fargo Davies; 3rd –Nathaniel Thoreson, Fargo Davies;  4th –Prajwal Bharadwaj, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th –William Fleck, Mandan;  6th –Reece Burckhard, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 7th –Katherine Gladitsch, Shanley; 8th – Skylar Moody, Mandan

Poetry:  1st –Tyler Miller, Bismarck Century; 2nd –Maria Modi, Fargo North; 3rd –Courtney Donahue, Shanley;  4th –Angelina Zokego, Fargo South; 5th –Emelie Swonger, Bismarck St.Mary’s; 6th –Maria Heidrich, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 7th –Grace Akon, Fargo North; 8th – Margaret Powell, Grand Forks Central; 9th Abby Slyter, Valley City

Humorous Interpretation:  1st –Evan Amundson, Fargo South; 2nd –Neelay Patel, Fargo Davies; 3rd –Zayd Amundson, Fargo South; 4th –Kaitlyn Kidder, Fargo Davies; 5th –Gus Tandberg, Grand Forks Central; 6th –Sarah McCloud, Grand Forks Central; 7th –Haison Nguyen, West Fargo; 8th – Eliza Johnson, Valley City; 9th-Emilie Voeller, Bismarck St. Mary’s

Serious Duo:  1st –John Windsor/Morgan Heier, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Melanie Bailey/Molly Estenson, Devils Lake; 3rd –Brittney Carpenter/Mikayla Patel, Jamestown; 4th –John Thomason/Michael Bercier, Mandan; 5th –Sarah Huebschwerlen/Bailey White, Bismarck High; 6th –Sarah Carter/Angelina Zokego, Fargo South; 7th –Emily Lauinger/Julia Breidenbach, Jamestown

Inform:  1st –Hannah Keogh, Shanley; 2nd –North Skager, Mandan; 3rd –Anthony Vecchia, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th –Mitchell Krings, Shanley; 5th –Elisabeth Borg, Valley City; 6th –Hannah Peterson, Valley City; 7th –Jordan Aberle, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 8th – Whitney Klym, Bismarck St. Mary’s

Serious Prose:  1st –Morgan Heier, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Katherine Mastel, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 3rd –Courtney Donahue, Shanley; 4th –James Haaland, Mandan; 5th –Hanna Stout, Devils Lake; 6th –Corinne Aukland, Bismarck Century; 7th –Juliet Wolfe, Grand Forks Central; 8th – Mikayla Patel, Jamestown

Speech to Persuade:  1st –Shae Skager, Mandan; 2nd –Neelay Patel, Fargo Davies; 3rd –Paloma Saldana, Dickinson; 4th –Katherine Kassel, Dickinson; 5th –Jared Melville, Shanley; 6th –Katherine Gladitsch, Shanley; 7th –Paige Amann, Dickinson; 8th – Reece Burckhard, Bismarck, St. Mary’s

Impromptu:  1st –Jasmine Glasgow, Jamestown; 2nd –Reed Johnson, Dickinson; 3rd –Brady Letteer, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th –Kaleb Dschaak, Dickinson;  5th –Alex Johnson, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 6th-Neeraj Advani, West Fargo; 7th –Cadie Bakken, Williston; 8th – Thomas Curry, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 9th-Jason Rojas, Williston

Speech to Entertain:  1st –Katherine Mastel, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd –Marc Michaleson, Dickinson; 3rd –Micayla Bitz, Mandan; 4th –Hunter McKelvey, Devils Lake; 5th –Emilie Voeller, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 6th –Leah Madson, Shanley; 7th –;Rebecca Montecuollo, Valley City; 8th –Jasmine Glasgow, Jamestown

Region Dates, Locations and Registration Deadlines

Region First Name Last Name Email Site Date Deadline
Region 1 Mindie Bopp Mindie.Bopp@k12.nd.us Sargent Central 3/28/15 3/21/15
Region 2 Gayle Hyde hydeg@fargo.k12.nd.us Kindred 3/28/15 3/21/15
Region 6 Sandra Meidinger Sandra.Meidinger@sendit.nodak.edu Linton 3/28/15 3/21/15
Region 8 Cheryl Nilsen Cheryl.Nilsen@minotstateu.edu Velva 4/7/15 3/31/15
Region 9 Danielle Phares danielle.phares.2@sendit.nodak.edu  Bowbells 4/9/15 4/2/15
Region 10 Sue Anderson susan.l.anderson@sendit.nodak.edu Richardton-Taylor 4/9/15 4/2/15
Region 5 Michele Seil michele.m.seil@sendit.nodak.edu Carrington 4/10/15 4/3/15
Region 7 Vickie Mayer Vickie.Mayer@sendit.nodak.edu Washburn 4/10/15 4/3/15
Region 3 Sarah Burger sarah.burger@northwoodk12.com Northwood 4/11/15 4/4/15
Region 4 Rebecca Kingsley rebecca.kingsley@sendit.nodak.edu North Star 4/11/15 4/4/15
EDC Gayle Hyde hydeg@fargo.k12.nd.us Fargo Davies 4/11/15 4/4/15
WDA Annette Bender Annette.Bender@msd1.org Mandan HS 4/11/15 4/4/15

Previous Champions

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